Frosby makes creative apps and educational games

Frosby is a “design first” app development company based in London, England. We’ve made all kinds of apps from fun, educational games to creative design software for business. Our first published app was the interactive, animated children’s story ‘Vlad’s Vampire Bats,’ which hit the App Store in October 2011. Since then we’ve never stopped learning and innovating. Our apps are available on Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store available for licensing.

Mobile App Design and Development

We are a UK app development company specialising in kids educational apps and games. We have over 7 years experience publishing to Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, as well as the Amazon and Nook App Stores and new subscription platforms.

Our preferred software for making apps is Adobe Animate + Adobe. It’s fast to work with and allows us to publish to both the Apple App Store and Android platforms with ease. It’s also a highly visual and flexible tool that supports vector graphics and animation. This ensures our apps come out exactly as we indended!

School App Clubs

Frosby works with the company TechSafe to develop apps that are illustrated by primary school children about online safety issues such as cyberbullying and social media pressure. These week-long app camp are hosted in UK schools during the holidays. The final result is an informative internet safety app for parents and carers to download for free worldwide. We’ve made 10 TechSafe apps to date and look forward to doing many more!

Our App Content for your platform

We have published over 30 apps for our brand and for clients.

Frosby has designed and developed 20 apps under the Frosby Apps Brand. Our apps can be found on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and many US based subscription platforms, such as Samsung Kids, Kidomi and Findaway’s Playaway Launchpad for US libraries. We have published 13 apps for clients in the UK. Can we make an app for you?