Creative apps and design tools for touch screens

Creative apps for drawing and graphic design have become our latest speciality here at Frosby Media. The tactile nature of mobile phone screens and tablet devices has led to a huge popularity in art apps and design tools for touch screen. We’ve designed apps for making pixel art, calligraphy ink painting apps, logo maker apps, and infographic design apps for the iPhone and iPad.

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Flourish – Lettering Craft

Practice the art of handwriting with Flourish РLettering Craft. A digital calligraphy app for writing flourishing letters on iPad and iPhone.

Get started with our tracing letters and original, hand drawn ‘Calligrams’ and practice writing over the worksheets. When you’re feeling confident it’s time to draw freely on your own!

Add flourishing loops at the start and end of your words to give your letters an artful appearance.

Relax and experience the soothing activity of writing curly, swirly letter flourishes. Or if you prefer italic style – the marker pens are great for drawing graffiti style ‘tag’ art.

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Calligraphy Calm – Ink Painter

Calligraphy Calm – Ink Painter is a minimalist art app in the tradition of Chinese and Japanese painting and calligraphy.

Create a realistic zen brush painting effect on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone & tablet with ease.

Practice the art of simplicity and capture the essence of your subject. This hugely popular calligraphy app is one of the best out there, and did we mention you can paint in colour too?

Qixel – Pixel Art Painter

Qixel is a super-blocky, stylised pixel art painting app. Draw pictures with 4 different ‘qixel’ types: Squares, Circles, Diamonds and Triangles. What can you make with 651 qixels?

Qixel is all about creating minimalist images, retro 8-bit characters and typography with a limited number of pixels and color palette. Make art or just use it to chill out – it’s the digital equivalent of popping bubblewrap!

Qixel Animate

Make animated pixel art loops in 6 frames with Qixel Animate!

Use the app to draw with 3d ‘Qixel’ blocks to create awesome little frame animations in a 20 x 20 grid.

Great for retro games fans who like 8bit pixel graphics and artists who want to practice character design for Minecraft skins.

– Choose from 3 speeds

– Add music loops when you play back your animations

– Save your animations to a gallery

– Available on iOS and Android

Icongraph – Infographic Maker

Icongraph is an easy to use infographic Maker App for iPhone and iPad. Use our versatile chart templates and ‘icon posters’ and choose your own icons, statistics and text to make infographics on any subject.

Save your Icongraphs to your Apple device as PNG files in HD quality to give your presentations, social media posts and marketing campaigns an edge.

Logo 7 – Logo Maker

Logo 7 is a minimalist logo app by the makers of Icongraph. With a simple, uncluttered interface made for mobile, you can concentrate on just the essentials: symbols, color and typography.

Use Logo 7 for designing both personal and business logos. Our extensive collection of graphic symbols has something for everyone.

Featuring 2000+ icons, shapes and our original ‘alphabet grid’ letters you have everything you need to make the perfect logo.

Download our apps today!

These are some of the great companies we work with to distribute our apps worldwide:

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