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Frosby started as a character brand and evolved into an app company thanks to the mobile revolution. From our educational apps and games for the preschool age group to our current design tools, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a selection of our featured kids apps and family friendly casual games. Our early learning games feature voice over narration and ‘touch word sound effects’ by a professional UK English voice over artist.

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Frosby Learning games 1

Frosby Learning Games is a unique early learning app with an emphasis on fun and play in every scene. Learn colours, size, play counting games and learn parts of the body by touching, dragging objects and rubbing out pictures to reveal what’s underneath. Includes 25 educational mini-games for ages 3-5.

Top preschool app – featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy education category in the UK, USA & Australia. 

On April 1st 2020, in aid of the coronavirus crisis Frosby Apps took part in Babadoodle’s Tech4Good homeschooling project by offering Frosby Learning Games 1 free on the App Store (Reg. $2.99). The result was way bigger than expected, with a school network in California downloading 32,000 copies! Had the school used their 50% price reduction using Apple’s school volume purchase, this would put our donation’s value at over $50,000! While we won’t be making the app free again, if you are a school interested in using the discount, contact us and we can drop the price to give you a further discount on the day you buy the app for your school.

“By far the best children’s app I have found when it comes to variety, strong mental development and fun. The artwork is amazingly beautiful.”

US parent

“Among educational apps Frosby Learning Games is firmly planted in my Top 10 list.”


Frosby Learning games 2

The Frosby characters return in the fun-filled second collection of 23 new educational mini-games! This app focuses on shapes, opposites, matching and fine manipulation skills for ages 3-5.

Packed with many entertaining mini-adventures, and ‘physics based’ gameplay, ‘Frosby Learning Games 2’ will take your child through a variety of lovingly designed worlds.

All of our mini-games have been approved by teachers and by a group of 3-5 year olds – so we know our games are perfect for children and their parents.

Frosby Species – Creature Lab

Create a new species with Frosby Species Creature Lab!

Become a genetic scientist in this fun app that lets you design your own custom pet in seconds. Mix the DNA from all kinds of animals, plants and fungi to make your own bizarre lifeforms.

Is your creature cute or hideous? You decide!

Dress up your virtual pet with all kinds of accessories – add hats, sunglasses and then take a picture!

Frosby Picnic Camp

Frosby Picnic Camp is a delightful game for 3-6 year olds in which children can make their own picnic, learn how to pitch a tent, interact with animals and explore a beautiful park setting.

Kids can play and explore at their own pace with no ads or additional purchases – just infinite picnicky fun! choosing from a range of delicious sandwich toppings and picnic snacks. Pour drinks and learn that sweet fizzy lemonade attracts wasps!

Designed especially for iPad and Android tablet devices with stunning HD graphics.

Frosby Beach BBQ

Become a BBQ chef in this fun cooking game set on a tropical beach!

Welcome to the Frosby Beach BBQ. In this delightful simulation for iPad, kids can play at cooking their own BBQ in a tropical beach setting. After cooking, you can ‘virtually’ eat your food with picnic snacks and wash it down with a natural coconut drink straight from the tree.

Dippy Chick – Pixel Bird Flyer

Dippy Chick is a carefree little pixel bird who loves to fly… but needs your guidance!

Help Dippy Chick dive through the never ending pixel pipes, with gut-wrenching peaks and drops. This 8-bit retro game made with Qixel graphics is so addictive it will put you in a zen-like state!

Think ‘flappy bird’ in a chunky pixel-art style.

Frosby Block Puzzle

A fun, satisfying animal block puzzle, featuring cute Frosby animal designs.

Trevor the Turtle is lost, and a bunch of cute but annoying animals are blocking his path to the ocean. Help him slide his way through 48 puzzling levels!

This challenging puzzle game is suitable for adults and children aged 6+ with parental help.

Vlad’s Vampire Bats

Vlad’s Vampire Bats is an enchanting interactive story app for children for Apple and Android devices.

Vlad is a lonely vampire with a problem: he can’t help turning things into bats! Vlad longs for a vampire wife, and finally one day, on a journey to Draco forest, he meets Vera, a bat-lover who accepts him for who he is.

Light candles with your finger, turn things into bats, discover Vlad’s castle, pick vampire flowers and feed baby bats!

Treat your kids to this magical adventure, and enjoy the cute vampire animations over and over again.

Frosby Funfair – Penny Arcade

Roll up, roll up, and welcome to Frosby’s Funfair Penny Arcade! Old fashioned family entertainment never goes out of fashion, so get your coins ready and have some fun! In this vintage collection of Frosby mini-game classics, there’s something for everyone. The app includes 2 racing games, a joke fortune teller, prize claw, retro arcade shooter, dart wheel, spinning cups and a space ducks game! If you like funfair, circus and carnival type games, you’ve come to the right place!

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