App Clubs in the UK

Online Safety App Clubs made by UK primary school children

Frosby has been working with TechSafe since 2013, when we developed the free anti-cyberbullying app Cybersafe, a mini-games app conceived by UK school children aged 11-15. The game has had over 35K downloads worldwide so far, and is used in schools to teach online safety in gaming.

TechSafe now runs week-long ‘app camps’ during the school holidays. The courses are funded by Hertfordshire charities, which allows them to be free to attend. The children taking part in the week-long workshops learn about topical online safety issues and have a great time in the process.

Our app camps are a combination of code club, art class and an online safety learning zone for UK primary school children aged 7-11.  We’ve completed 10 apps in the TechSafe series so far, on subjects from online bullying, social media, to mental health, sexting and online safety advice for foster parents and carers.

What happens in an App Camp?

  • Learn Japanese Manga drawing
  • Learn how an app is made, from drawn artwork to digital app assets
  • Make infographics by turning data into visuals
  • Learn game design with
  • Record Voice over for the app titles and Quiz
  • Watch videos and learn about how kids can stay safe online

Online Safety TechSafe App Series

TechSafe - Mental Health App

An online safety information app about social media and mental health, produced by TechSafe and Frosby Apps in partnership with the inspirational students (aged 9-11) of Hertingfordbury Cowper CE Primary School, UK.

The Positives and Negatives of Social Media

The Positives and Negatives of Social Media according to kids and teens are discussed in this app, along with many useful links and resources to help and advice.

Self Esteem

A Dove survey of 5000 girls aged 10-17 years from 14 countries found that more than 50% had low body esteem. We discuss this issue in the app, as well as the issues of radicalisation and self-harm.

Take the TechSafe Quiz

Do you know your FOMO from your FYI? Each TechSafe quiz features 10 questions related to the app topic covering the latest social media statistics and jargon. The answers are decided by the students!

Need help and advice with online safety for kids and teens?

Download all the TechSafe apps for free on your App Store:

Flappy Longyi Game – made in Myanmar

Flappy Longyi is game made by 10-13 year olds from MISY school in Myanmar (Burma). This was our first trial app club, paving the way for Excite-ed’s UK app series ‘TechSafe.’

The students attended our 10 week after school app club, in which they learnt TechSafe’s game design theory, then created the game concept, artwork, and sounds to complete their own version of the hit app ‘Flappy Bird.’ Out of 3 app groups the winning game saw their app published on Google Play worldwide. 

What is a Longyi? A longyi is the traditional dress of Myanmar, worn by most men and women.

Cybersafe Online Safety Mini Games – Stop the Cyberbullying

Cybersafe is a mini games app created by students from Goffs School UK to help children deal with cyberbullying through gaming.

TechSafe hired us to develop the app, which contained 3 fun mini games – each tackling a different issue chosen by the students.

Detective Charlee: An endless flying game which teaches children to collect cyberbully evidence.

PaS$w0rdBlockr: A challenging puzzle game which encourages children to keep their passwords safe and be wary of people hacking their online accounts.

Goof Run: An endless running game with helpful cyberbully advice along the way, set in a colourful chatroom.

Are you interested in hosting an App Club at your UK school?

Contact us if you’d like to host an app camp in your school during the UK school holidays.