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WordPress websites made in North West London

I’m a creative multi media designer and website designer based in Golders Green, North West London. Below you can find some recent examples of websites I’ve made for clients. I use WordPress with the excellent Divi software. Clients can choose one of Divi’s visually stunning templates as a starting point, or we can build from scratch. I’ve designed modern, device responsive websites for small businesses, non-profits and artists looking to showcase their portfolios and sell their products online.

A basic 3 page site starts at £450 (inc. VAT). Contact me for a quote.

WordPress Website Design Process

The cost of a WordPress website comes down to two things: content and organisation. No two websites are the same, and each unique site will vary in the amount of copy (words) and images on each page. Before beginning the web building process, clients first need to work out what content they would like on each page. From experience, clients typically put off this process of sitting down and writing their web copy, so that the process of designing a new website can drag on for weeks, and even months…

This is why, the more organised a client is, the more efficient the web design process is, and therefore the cheaper the cost. Here is a list of what the client needs to provide to us in order to start the website.

Planning a website – the client process

The client first needs to do some thinking about the aims of the site, what they would like on their site, and then provide me with their text and images.

As a client, this is your process in 4 steps:

  • PLAN – sketch out a rough plan of your web page subject and page titles
  • WRITE your website paragraphs
  • IMAGES – Find the images you want to go with your text
  • STYLE – Choose a Divi Template (fonts, colour scheme and design style)

Small Business websites

alison russell website design silhouette artist

Alison Russell – Silhouette Artist

I was fortunate to work with the amazingly talented silhouette artist Alison Russell, one of the few remaining people in the UK with this specialist skill. Alison has a silhouette portfolio spanning over 20 years, and it was my job to design a website to showcase her work and help her attract bookings for weddings and events. I also created some logo branding and promo videos for her. You can view the video below. I’m also available for motion graphics work (Adobe After Effects).

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

Lydia’s Good living Nutrition

Consultancy website for nutritional therapist Lydia Ghazali. Visitors can book appointments on the site and browse her delicious, healthy recipes on her food blog, complete with animated infographic nutrition statistics.

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

Busy Bow Wows Watford

Funky dog walking and pet services website for dog sitter and animal lover Joanna Grundy, who covers the Watford area. 

Charity and Non-Profit websites

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

TechSafe – Online Safety Advice

Website for UK internet safety charity TechSafe. We have been working with this children’s online safety charity for many years as an app developer creating the TechSafe App series. The site we designed for them is packed with helpful online resources that parents, carers and teachers can view or download.

Artist Portfolio websites

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

David Braunsberg Artist Shop

Art product website and logo design for talented textile artist David Braunsberg, who sells his art online and at exhibitions.

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

Robin Hardy Graphic Design

Portfolio website showcasing graphic designer Robin Hardy’s design career – Robinhardy&Friends.

Tech websites

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

Icongraph – Infographic Maker App

Icongraph and Icon Designer are apps we made for creating infographics and graphic maps using icons on the iPhone and iPad.

techsafe nonprofit charity website design

Frosby Apps

This is the website you see here – a home for all our apps and games. Licensing info and details about our App Clubs with schools can also be found on here.

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