Our day in the sun – Featured in New and Noteworthy in the USA!

Amazing news – Frosby Learning Games appeared today on the UK iTunes iPad Education section, right next to my idols and all round masters of the kids app genre: Toca Boca! I took a screenshot for the record. Then came even more amazing news – our app was featured in Apple’s New and Noteworthy section in the USA! Frosby Learning Games appeared today at 53 in the US Education for iPad charts in America, which is huge! It then rapidly climbed over 2 days to no. 17 in the US and 10 in the UK. Fingers crossed we get some good reviews now :)

Frosby iTunes New and NoteworthyOk, here are the reviews after one week in the UK and US charts. The UK has been kind to us, but the US (a much bigger audience) really varies, but I like that. Someone discovered a rare sound bug, which explains her 1 star review – this is very bad luck. The bug has been fixed on the next version, but her comment remains for now. Why do people do this? Anyway, a bug is not a complete deal break – most apps have them in the beginning, so hopefully it didn’t put too many people off. This morning a review came in (below) which made my day. The customer said he would pay $5 for it – and this is what quality apps are actually worth! Many people don’t realize what a great deal they’re getting on the appstore. Great apps selling for $1 or $2 have had a huge amount of work put into them, so need to sell in very high numbers to eventually make a profit.

By far the best children’s app I have found when it comes to variety, strong mental development and fun. The artwork is amazingly beautiful just like the snapshots show, lots of color and detail (not drabby and dull). Would pay $5.00 for this baby!

And this UK review was also exactly what we’d hoped for:

Wow! This app is real treat for the kids! Lots to do, many challenges, positive reinforcement, literacy and numeracy – all in a beautifully designed world that wanders from feeding moles to cleaning bus windows and dressing a snowman! Music is soft and gentle, not grindingly annoying like other apps, the voice is lively, fun and clear (my 4 year old now tells me “you’re great!”) My kids keep coming back to this again and again, yours will too!

Appstore Reviews UKMay 1st ’12 – We’ve now reached the top 10 education charts in Australia and New Zealand!

May 11th ’12 – The family app review site has given us the thumbs up!

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